Jet increases conversion rate by 27% with instant apps

Jet is focused on making shopping faster and easier than ever, using a real-time savings engine to surface opportunities for customers to pay less. Jet was motivated to become an early partner of instant apps in order to increase the reach of their flagship installed app.

What they did

Jet sees the highest conversion rate from customers in their installed app. To bring more users into their native app experience, they enabled instant app support by modularizing their 11MB installed app into multiple instant app modules of less than 4MB each.

They found most of their size savings by removing unused libraries from their installed app. Jet also integrated with the new Google Payment API, which enables users to complete their transaction without re-entering the credit card info that they already have on file with Google.


Since launching, Jet has seen a 27% increase in their conversion rate in their instant app. They attribute this significant increase in purchasing to reduced install friction, reduced payment friction through the Google Payment API, and reduced sign-in friction through Google Smart Lock.

Yuliya Kaleda, Jet’s Lead Android Developer, responsible for driving the instant apps implementation, said the following:

“Building an instant app was not only a win for us in terms of increased conversion rate, it came with great tech benefits as well: app modularization, architecture redesign, code cleanup, and new features integration such as Smart Lock and Pay with Google.”

Get started

As of May 2017, Android Instant Apps is open to all developers. Get started with instant apps.