Dotloop increases engagement by 62% with instant apps

Founded in 2009, Dotloop is a leading transaction platform in real estate with over 1 million active monthly users. The company makes it easier to sign documents anytime, anywhere for buying and selling real estate.

Real estate professionals, who have the dotloop app installed, interact with home buyers and sellers who only need to use dotloop to sign certain documents for a single transaction. By building and offering an instant app, dotloop was able to provide these buyers and sellers a rich, native experience for the signing process without requiring the users to install the app.

What they did

In order for dotloop to develop instant app support, dotloop needed to reduce the size of their app. Using APK Analyzer, they removed unused libraries from their installed app. They also got rid of large custom fonts and enabled ProGuard.

In order to improve load times and reduce latency, the team modularized the code, creating two different modes of editing and signing. They also introduced a guided signing experience to help the user through the signing flow.

Additionally, dotloop implemented Google Smart Lock to reduce the login friction, which enabled automatic authentication of the user.


Since launching its instant app in May 2017, dotloop's key engagement metrics have significantly increased. For buyers and sellers, dotloop saw a 62% increase in users who sign at least one field in a document. For real estate professionals, dotloop saw 46% increase in shares after editing and signing documents.

Sohel Dadia, dotloop's Director of Engineering, said: "Instant Apps helped us deliver a fast and frictionless native app experience for document e-sign. The results speak for themselves – our Android customers are starting and completing the signing process for real estate contracts at almost twice the rate of our customers on mobile web. After seeing the initial results, we are now exploring other ways that Instant Apps can help make real estate transactions even faster."

Get started

As of May 2017, Android Instant Apps is open to all developers. Get started with instant apps.