Onesoft Studio improves revenue 5X with a user centric approach


OneSoft Studio is an independent Android game developer which started as a team of four in 2010, and is based in Vietnam. Now they are a successful studio with over 10 titles, and more than 80 million downloads. Their latest game, Galaxy Attack, is a highly successful shooting game, with over 10 million downloads worldwide, and more than 200,000 five star reviews on Google Play.

Onesoft studio attended the Indie Game Developer day workshop in Vietnam and was chosen by Google Play to participate in the Indies program.

What they did

Game monetization and business management were key areas of Onesoft's business which they wanted more guidance on. They focused a lot of their efforts on these areas but felt that their results were not realizing their full potential, for example, the only source of revenue from their game was through ads.

Under mentorship provided by Google Play Indies program, they learned to better analyze and optimize game metrics, and this became an integral part of their day to day strategy. Onesoft localized their game assets in over 10 languages and adopted localized pricing for each market. To further boost monetization, they introduced engaging in-app products for people to purchase like login rewards and engagement rewards (earned when users spend more time in the game) which helped to improve retention scores.


Following these changes, Onesoft was able to successfully grow its business and augment its primarily ad-supported business model with strong results from in-app purchases. The contribution of in-app purchases to total revenue increased from 11% to 60%. Over the last 6 months, Onesoft's overall revenue has increased 5X.

"Understanding your users is the key to success and Google's Indie program is there to assist us to acquire that understanding,” says Tran Manh Hung, OneSoft Studio CEO