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Layouts, theming, and animation

Implement more advanced layouts and add movement and style to your app. You’ll learn about the various Compose Animation APIs, how to implement Material Design 3, how to use custom layouts to implement complex designs, and how you can use lazy layouts to create performant UIs.


Deep dive into Compose Layouts

Video Optional

Jetpack Compose offers a completely new layout model for building beautiful, performant UIs. We take a deep dive into the layout model, explaining how it works under the hood, the capabilities it has, how the bundled layouts and modifiers are built, and how you can easily create custom layouts and modifiers. This talk will help you understand Compose’s layout model so that you can use it to build exactly the layouts your app needs and write more performant code.

Lazy layouts

Video Optional

Learn how to make scrolling lists in Compose and why it's simpler than using RecyclerView. Dig into why nesting scrolling lists aren't allowed and how to do it differently, why items should never be 0 pixel sized, and why providing unique keys are important and how item animations work. Last, discover how to display Grids, use custom layout managers, and understand how to improve performance optimization to make scrolling faster.

Material Design

Video Optional

Jetpack Compose can help you build beautifully and easily with Material Design. In this Session, you learn how you can take advantage of what it offers, including Material theming, components, dark theme guidance, and how it can help improve your workflow on Android.



Learn how to use Compose Animation APIs. We start with the simplest value animation and learn other APIs through some common animation patterns. We also take a look at more advanced topics, such as animation customizations and animations with touch gestures.


Test what you’ve learned and earn your Layouts and animation badge.