Android plugin for Gradle, revision 1.3.0 (July 2015)

  • Gradle 2.2.1 or higher.
  • Build Tools 21.1.1 or higher.
General Notes:
  • Added support for the property to control the Android task thread pool size from the file or the command line. The following example sets this property to 4.

  • Set the default build behavior to exclude LICENSE and LICENSE.txt files from APKs. To include these files in an APK, remove these files from the packagingOptions.excludes property in the build.gradle file. For example:
    android {
          packagingOptions.excludes = []
    android {
  • Added the sourceSets task to inspect the set of all available source sets.
  • Enhanced unit test support to recognize multi-flavor and build variant source folders. For example, to test an app with multi-flavors flavor1 and flavorA with the Debug build type, the test source sets are:
    • test
    • testFlavor1
    • testFlavorA
    • testFlavor1FlavorA
    • testFlavor1FlavorADebug

    Android tests already recognized multi-flavor source folders.

  • Improved unit test support to:
    • Run javac on main and test sources, even if the useJack property is set to true in your build file.
    • Correctly recognize dependencies for each build type.
  • Added support for specifying instrumentation test-runner arguments from the command line. For example:
    ./gradlew connectedCheck 
  • Added support for arbitrary additional Android Asset Packaging Tool (AAPT) parameters in the build.gradle file. For example:

    android {
        aaptOptions {
          additionalParameters "--custom_option", "value"
    android {
        aaptOptions {
          additionalParameters += listOf("--custom_option", "value")
  • Added support for a test APK module as a separate test module, using the targetProjectPath and targetVariant properties to set the APK path and target variant.

    Note: A test APK module does not support product flavors and can only target a single variant. Also, Jacoco is not supported yet.

  • Added resource name validation before merging resources.
  • When building an AAR (Android ARchive) package for library modules, do not provide an automatic @{applicationId} placeholder in the manifest merger settings. Instead, use a different placeholder, such as @{libApplicationId} and provide a value for it if you want to include application Ids in the archive library.