A watch face is the first thing people see when they take a look at their watch, making it the most used surface of Wear OS. People customize their watches to suit their style, and meet their needs. Get started building a watch face for Wear OS today. 

Building watch faces

You can create watch faces for Wear OS in these ways.
Use the Watch Face Format to easily create a watch face, or to create a watch face creation tool for designers.
Build a watch face using Watch Face Studio, a no-code watch face creation tool for designers.
Learn more about watch faces in the technical guides.
Learn more about the process and requirements for making your watch face available on the Google Play Store.
Learn how to assess the quality of your app and satisfy requirements for uploading your Wear OS app and Watch Face Format file to the Google Play Store.
Explore the UX principles, key guidelines, and strategies to conserve power in your Wear OS app.