Printing files

Android users frequently view content solely on their devices, but there are times when showing someone a screen is not an adequate way to share information. Being able to print information from your Android application gives users a way to see a larger version of the content from your app or share it with another person who is not using your application. Printing also allows them to create a snapshot of information that does not depend on having a device, sufficient battery power, or a wireless network connection.

In Android 4.4 (API level 19) and higher, the framework provides services for printing images and documents directly from Android applications. This training describes how to enable printing in your application, including printing images, HTML pages and creating custom documents for printing.


Printing a photo
This lesson shows you how to print an image.
Printing an HTML document
This lesson shows you how to print an HTML document.
Printing a custom document
This lesson shows you how you connect to the Android print manager, create a print adapter and build content for printing.