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public abstract @interface InverseMethod
implements Annotation


The InverseMethod annotation may be applied to any method used in two-way data binding to declare the method used to invert the call when going from the View's attribute value to the bound data value. The inverse method must take the same number of parameters and only the final parameter type may differ. The final parameter of this method must match the return value of its inverse and the return value of this method must match the final parameter of the its inverse.

 public static int convertStringToInt(String value) {
     try {
         return Integer.parseInt(value);
     } catch (NumberFormatException e) {
         return -1;

 public static String convertIntToString(int value) {
     return String.valueOf(value);


Public methods

String value()

Inherited methods

From interface java.lang.annotation.Annotation

Public methods


String value ()

String The name of the method on this class to use as the inverse.