Form factors

Use Jetpack Compose to develop apps for multiple screen formats and device types.


Implementing Android apps for all screen sizes

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Get a better understanding of how to build your app to fill all screen formats. Explore development best practices to optimize applications for all devices with an emphasis on Jetpack Compose, navigation, managing state, and testing.

Build adaptive apps


In this codelab you’ll learn how to build adaptive apps for phones, tablets, and foldables, also learning about reachability. You’ll also learn best practices for Material 3 components and theming.

Compose for Wear OS introduction

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Learn what's similar, what's different, what's new in the Wear OS version of Compose, and quickly develop your own beautiful app with less code.

Wear OS with Compose


In this codelab, you’ll learn how to translate your Compose knowledge to wearables with the new Compose for Wear OS. By the end, you’ll have created both simple and advanced composables in an app for your wrist.

Compose and Glance for remote surfaces

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Glance offers similar modern, declarative Kotlin APIs that you are used to with Jetpack Compose, helping you build beautiful, responsive app widgets with way less code. Read the alpha release blog post to learn how to get started.


Test what you’ve learned and earn your Form factors badge.