This course is out of date and no longer maintained. Instead, please visit the Android Basics with Compose course for the latest recommended practices.

Enhance your users’ ability to navigate across, into and back out from the various screens within your app for a consistent and predictable user experience.

Pathway 1

Add another screen to an app by adding a second activity, and use an intent to navigate to it. Also, learn the basics of the activity lifecycle as you navigate into and out of different activities.

December 2020
Pathway 2

Introduction to the Navigation component

Learn about the Navigation Architecture Component in Android Jetpack, which provides a framework for building in-app navigation.

December 2020
Pathway 3

Architecture components

Learn how to use Android Jetpack Architecture components, a collection of libraries that help you design robust, testable, and maintainable apps.

December 2020
Pathway 4

Advanced navigation app examples

Combine everything you've learned in this unit about navigation, ViewModel, data binding, and LiveData by building a more advanced app that also includes custom back stack behavior.

December 2020
Pathway 5

Adaptive layouts

Learn how to make apps adaptable to different screen sizes.

May 2022