Schedule tasks with WorkManager

Learn when and how to use WorkManager, an API that handles background work that needs to run regardless of whether the application process is still running.


Introduction to WorkManager

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Welcome to Unit 7! This unit expands on what you have learned in this course by using the WorkManager library from Android Jetpack.

Implementing WorkManager

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In this video, you get an overview and walkthrough of the code you implement in the WorkManager codelabs.

Background work with WorkManager


The WorkManager API for Android makes background work simple. WorkManager can create tasks that are queryable, reusable, and chainable. WorkManager is the recommended task scheduler on Android. This codelab teaches you the ins and outs of WorkManager: creating workers, using work requests, and chaining workers according to your app needs.

Advanced WorkManager and Testing


In this codelab, you continue to learn more on WorkManager, such as the creation of unique work sequences and more complex chained jobs with constraints. The verification of background work done with WorkManager can be tricky. This codelab also goes over a few different ways to verify the background work that WorkManager executes.

Practice: Build Water Me app


Apply the concepts from this pathway to the Water Me app to ensure all the tasks perform in the background with WorkManager.

What's next?

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Congratulations on finishing Unit 7! In this unit, you learned how to use Android Jetpack’s WorkManager API to schedule necessary background work, like data backups or fresh content downloads, and keep running even if the app exits or the device restarts. Great job!


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