Features available for watch faces that use Watch Face Format

All versions of the Watch Face Format offer the following capabilities:

  • Style editing: Customize the watch face, including its color, background image, and font.

  • Groups and complications: Group components so that you can control or move those components with a single action. You can also handle an entire complication as one group.

  • Tag expressions: Add tags with date, time, battery, step count information, and more.

Features added in version 2

Version 2 of the Watch Face Format adds several capabilities related to data visualization, weather forecasts, and system data source types.

Highlights include the following:

  • Flavors: Preset configurations for your watch face that users can browse in a companion app.
  • Goal progress complication type: Useful when users can exceed a goal such as step count.
  • Weighted elements complication type: Useful for showing discrete subsets of data.
  • Weather conditions: Show the current weather, as well as forecast conditions for hours or days into the future.
  • A new heart rate system data source for complications.

To view features from version 2 in the XML reference, check that the Version 2 button is selected at the top of the documentation page.