Our goal is to make Android the safest mobile platform in the world. That's why we consistently invest in technologies that bolster the security of the platform, its applications, and the global Android ecosystem.

It's a responsibility we share together with you, as developers, to keep users safe and secure.

Apps are processed everyday as part of Google's security detection service to block harmful apps

Security essentials checklist

Best practices for building a secure Android app.

Minimize use of sensitive APIs, and verify data from external storage before using it.

Ensure that your app uses HTTPS/SSL to protect data on the network.

Automatically update a device's security provider to protect against exploits.

Only use necessary permissions, and pay attention to permissions your libraries may use.

Apps are checked every day to ensure that they are behaving properly as part of SafetyNet

New in Android

Security is engineered into everything we do, and the latest releases of Android bring a number of security-focused features for you to use in your apps:

Google Play App Security Improvement program

Android's code is open source so anyone can review our security measures. Plus, the Android Security and Google Patch Rewards programs offer financial incentives to outside experts who help make Android safer.

Tap into the latest security updates from Google and the community:

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