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About Android Plugin for Gradle 3.0.0

Known issue: If you have an existing Android Studio project that's using an alpha version of Android plugin 3.0.0 (such as 3.0.0-alpha9), you may get the following error when you migrate to Android plugin 3.0.0-beta1 and sync your project: Gradle project refresh failed.

Resolve this issue by selecting Build > Clean Project from the menu bar—you need to perform this action only once for each project. You can then sync your project files with Gradle by clicking Sync Project from the menu bar.

Android plugin 3.0.0-beta1 and higher include the following updates that help address bugs and performance issues of large Android projects:

In order to bring about these improvements, there are some breaking changes in the plugin behavior, DSL, and APIs. These breaking changes impact both build files and Gradle plugins. There may also be more breaking changes before the stable release of the plugin, so you should keep checking this page.

For instructions on how to migrate your own project to use this plugin, go to Migrate to the new plugin.

What to expect from performance

The main focus of this version is to address the build performance issues of Android projects with a large number of modules. When using the new plugin with these projects, you should experience the following:

This is a first step, with a strong focus on improving scalability and parallelism, and on improving tasks to be more incremental. You can expect more changes in later preview releases and down the line after the first stable release.

On a test skeleton project with ~130 modules and a large number of external dependencies, but no code/resources, we are seeing the following performance improvements:

Android plugin version + Gradle version Android plugin 2.2.0 + Gradle 2.14.1 Android plugin 2.3 RC1 + Gradle 3.3 Android plugin 3.0 preview + Gradle 4.0-milestone-1
Configuration (e.g. running help) ~2 mins ~9 s ~2.5 s
1-line Java change (implementation change) ~2 mins 15 s ~29 s ~6.4 s

To try the new plugin on your own projects. If you see less of a performance improvement than you expected, we are looking for feedback with build profiling. Please consider using the Gradle Profiler to provide us with more data. File a bug and include a Chrome trace of your build using the Gradle Profiler.

Known issues

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