SystemProviders.ProviderId System provider id as defined in SystemProviders


ComplicationData Container for complication data of all types. 
ComplicationData.Builder Builder class for ComplicationData
ComplicationHelperActivity Activity to handle permission requests for complications. 
ComplicationManager Allows providers to interact with the complications system. 
ComplicationProviderInfo Holder of details of a complication provider, for use by watch faces (for example, to show the current provider in settings). 
ComplicationProviderService Class for providers of complication data. 
ComplicationText Represents a piece of text to be shown in a complication. 
ComplicationText.TimeDifferenceBuilder Builder for a ComplicationText object that displays a text representation of the difference between the given time and the specified time period, within a surrounding string if required. 
ComplicationText.TimeFormatBuilder Builder for a ComplicationText object that displays a text representation of the given time, using the provided format and time zone, within a surrounding string if specified. 
ProviderChooserIntent Utilities to allow watch faces to launch the complication provider chooser. 
ProviderInfoRetriever Retrieves ComplicationProviderInfo for a watch face's complications. 
ProviderInfoRetriever.OnProviderInfoReceivedCallback Interface for a callback to be invoked when provider info is received. 
ProviderUpdateRequester Allows complication providers to request update calls from the system. 
SystemProviders Methods to retrieve the component names for system complication providers.