Large screens,
big possibilities

Get inspired with UX designs optimized for large screens. Build engaging and differentiated experiences for tablets, foldables, and ChromeOS devices.
Show more messages, more notifications, more conversations. Enable users to access content quickly and easily. Empower users to create better content faster.
Showcase your app on the big screen. Make movies and music easier to browse, preview, and play. Engage users in an immersive, lean-back media experience.
Increase user productivity with multitasking and drag and drop on expansive large screens. Show more tools, controls, history, comments, more of everything users need to be productive.
Present users with a bigger showroom for window shopping, side-by-side comparisons, search and discovery, and sharing bargains with friends.
Enable users to enjoy reading at home and on the go. Improve readability. Reduce eyestrain. Make your app a must-have for bookworms and bibliophiles.
Provide a larger creative space with room for tools, palettes, and previews. Support drag and drop from content sources. Enable stylus input for user comfort and control.
Level up your game. Immerse players in high-resolution graphics. Go all in with keyboard, mouse, and game controller support. Break out with cross-platform play.

UI design for large screens

Resources to create immersive user experiences on large screens.
Layouts that resize and reconfigure to optimize presentation, interactivity, usability.