Kotlin guide change log

06 September 2023

  • New: Allow camelCase for plural filenames containing multiple declarations

9 December 2021

  • Fix: Clarify rule on braces not being required for single-line if/else.

19 May 2021

  • Fix: Remove rule on when to use expression functions.
  • New: Added rule prohibiting function names with spaces.

10 June 2020

  • Fix: Must wrap after operators in the general case (https://github.com/android/kotlin-guides/issues/62)
  • New: Added rule for @[...] annotation syntax

18 May 2018


  • Fix: Function parameter wrap indent has changed to single indent to match the JetBrains style guide.
  • Fix: Add the range operator as an exception to binary operator whitespace.


  • New: Added a section about Lint Checks for Kotlin/Java Interoperability.

14 November 2017


Fix: Corrected the content of the “Lambda arguments” section to accurately reflect the current state of lambda types and interface SAM conversion.

2 November 2017

Initial release.