Build beautiful apps

Make your apps more beautiful and intuitive to use with Material Design, animations, and accessibility best practices.


Intro to Material Design with Compose

Video Optional

Welcome to Pathway 3! This video introduces Material Design and how you can use it to improve the user experience of your app.

Material Theming with Jetpack Compose


Learn how to add Material theming to a Compose app, by customizing color, shape, and typography.

Simple animation with Jetpack Compose


Add a simple animation to your app in Compose, and experiment with other types of animations.

Testing for Accessibility


Test an app for accessibility and how to make your app accessible to more users.

Practice: Build Superheroes app


Practice what you learned about Material Design and simple animations in order to build an app that displays a list of superheroes.

Project: Create a 30 Days App


Using everything that you learned in this unit, create your own Android app that displays 30 tips (one for each day of the month) on a topic of your choice.

What's next?

Video Optional

Congratulations on completing the third unit! In this unit, you learned more intermediate programming concepts in the Kotlin language so you could build apps that display information in a list, and apply Material Design guidelines for a better user experience.


Test your knowledge and earn your Build beautiful apps badge.