Introduction to programming in Kotlin

Learn introductory programming concepts in Kotlin to prepare for building Android apps in Kotlin.


Before you begin


Determine whether this is the right training course for your interests.

Welcome to Android Basics with Compose

Video Optional

Meet the team and learn what you’ll need to begin developing Android apps with Jetpack Compose.

Your first program in Kotlin


Learn how to create and modify simple programs in Kotlin.

Create and use variables in Kotlin


Learn why variables are useful in programming, as well as how to define and update variables in your Kotlin code.

Create and use functions in Kotlin


Learn about functions in Kotlin.

Practice Problems: Kotlin Basics


Apply the basic concepts of the Kotlin programming language to solve the given problems.

What's next?

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Great job on learning the basics of the Kotlin programming language! Learn about what comes next in the course.


Test what you’ve learned and earn your Introduction to Programming in Kotlin badge.