Android vitals

Android vitals is an initiative by Google to improve the stability and performance of Android devices. When an opted-in user runs your app, their Android device logs various metrics, including data about app stability, app startup time, battery usage, render time, and permission denials. The Google Play Console aggregates this data and displays it in the Android vitals dashboard.

The dashboard highlights crash rate, ANR rate, excessive wakeups, and stuck wake locks: these are the core vitals developers should give attention to. All other vitals, when applicable to your type of app or game, should be monitored to ensure they aren't having a negative effect. Exhibiting bad behavior in vitals will negatively affect the user experience in your app and is likely to result in bad ratings and poor discoverability on the Play Store.

Debug app performance and reap rewards

Learn about Android vitals and improved tools in the Play Console and Android Studio to help improve your app quality.

Diagnose and fix bad behaviors

Core vitals:

ANR rates
Crash rates
Excessive wakeups
Stuck partial wake locks

All other vitals:

Excessive background Wi-Fi scans
Excessive background network usage
App startup time
Slow rendering
Frozen frames
Permission denials