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These are the API classes. See all API packages.

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Barrier Added in 1.1

A Barrier references multiple widgets as input, and creates a virtual guideline based on the most extreme widget on the specified side. 


ConstraintLayout A ConstraintLayout is a ViewGroup which allows you to position and size widgets in a flexible way. 
ConstraintLayout.LayoutParams This class contains the different attributes specifying how a view want to be laid out inside a ConstraintLayout
ConstraintSet This class allows you to define programmatically a set of constraints to be used with ConstraintLayout


Group Added in 1.1

This class controls the visibility of a set of referenced widgets. 

Guideline Utility class representing a Guideline helper object for ConstraintLayout


Placeholder Added in 1.1

A Placeholder provides a virtual object which can position an existing object.