EP 5 | 2 APR 2020
Ultimately, the most important part of a game is its players. Keeping players engaged is about more than simply delivering a regular stream of new features and fresh challenges. Actively involving players in the evolution of the game can be an equally powerful way to keep them engaged. This episode's guest is Ben Clarke, a Senior Marketing Director at Jagex. Ben shares insights into some of the unique approaches to feature testing and player engagement Jagex have taken in their game RuneScape.


Senior Global Marketing Director at Jagex
Ben Clarke is Senior Global Marketing Director at Jagex, where he oversees the User Acquisition, Product Marketing, and Creative Services teams. With over 12 year in mobile gaming, Ben has been at the forefront of its success and has worked on some of the biggest mobile gaming franchises including FIFA Football, The Sims, Vikings, and CSR Racing. Having seen the evolution of mobile from feature to smart phone, premium to free-to-play, he is now focused on making subscription the new business model of choice on mobile.
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