EP 6 | 9 APR 2020
Figuring out how to make your app or game accessible to all can be a challenge, both from an organizational and technical perspective. But with over 1 billion people around the world with some sort of disability, not rising to the challenge can exclude a significant audience from your app or game. This episode's guests, Rosalind Whittam and Ceri Lindsay from the BBC, share insights into how this public broadcaster has ensured accessibility and inclusivity permeate every aspect of the apps it uses to reach listeners and viewers outside traditional broadcast channels.


Senior Android Developer
for Sounds Mobile
Rosalind Whittam, Senior Android Developer for Sounds Mobile, has been a Software Engineer at the BBC for 5 years, having worked in various teams and technologies as part of their Software Engineering Graduate Scheme. She has worked on web games for CBBC and CBeebies and helped deliver the live events offering for the 2016 Olympics in BBC Sport. She found her true passion in mobile app development working in the team that created and continues to develop the BBC Sounds app. As well as working on features and improving the app, she helps set team and technical direction, trains new app developers, and advocates accessibility best practices in everything the team does.
Android Software Engineer for
BBC iPlayer and Accessibility Champion
Ceri Lindsay, Android Software Engineer for BBC iPlayer and Accessibility Champion, has spent the last 3 years working for iPlayer, after two years on the BBC's Software Engineering Graduate Scheme. In her role she develops features for the client side application and, as an Accessibility Champion, she works hard to make sure the product, organization, and industry are accessible. Ceri studied Art and Mathematics, and likes to talk about politics and philosophy.
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