EP 4 | 26 MAR 2020
Following the revelations from Cambridge Analytica, the laws on consumer privacy are becoming more strict and the penalties more significant. Ensuring your app or game is privacy friendly has always been good for your users, but now it is just as important for your business. This episode's guest is Bruce Gustafson, President and CEO at Developers Alliance, who discusses the practical steps you can take to ensure your app or game offers users the privacy for their data they deserve.


President and CEO at Developers Alliance
Bruce Gustafson is the President and CEO at Developers Alliance, the leading policy advocate for the global developer workforce and the companies that depend on them. Bruce is the former VP and head of the Washington, DC Policy office of Ericsson. He previously held senior leadership positions in marketing and communications, strategy, and product management in the wireless, optical, and enterprise technology sectors. Bruce holds a JD from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, an MBA from the University of Calgary in Canada, and a BS in Engineering from the University of Manitoba in Canada. Bruce is based in the Alliance's Washington, DC headquarters.
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