Enable users to create, share, and interact more easily, more naturally, more productively.
Create a compilation of videos that users can browse and select, play and pause, all on the same screen.
Supporting pane
Keep content creation tools close at hand with a supporting pane layout. Enable content creators to adjust settings, access color palettes, apply effects, and see the changes instantly.
Supporting pane
Display comments and posts in a supporting pane for context, color, and connection without missing a mention or meme.
Create a collage of posts in a flexible grid format. Use size and position to create groups or draw attention to prominent posts.
Take advantage of the dynamic screen postures that only foldable devices can provide to create hands-free video calling, camera, and media playback experiences.
Display content on both screens of a foldable phone simultaneously. Take selfies with the higher resolution rear camera. Make video calls with groups of people. See what I say in different languages with a dual screen interpreter.
Make content sharing simple with spacious layouts that enable natural, fumble-free drag-and-drop interactions within apps and, in multi-window mode, between apps.
Display picture-in-picture videos or video calls in the ample space of large screen layouts. Provide a productive, pleasurable user experience with plenty of room for viewing and doing at the same time.
It’s like two devices in one. Double device usability with side-by-side apps in multi-window or multi-instance scenarios. Enable users to research while writing, search while chatting, schedule while video calling.

Customer stories

“People use large screen devices to boost productivity, which is why adding support for features like drag and drop is key to our users’ experience.”

Abhishek Gadewar

Developer at Meta

Google Duo sees increased engagement and improved ratings by optimizing for larger screens

With the surge in stay-at-home activity during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Google Duo team saw a significant increase in people using the app to stay connected with friends and family, school and work. The team took the opportunity to improve the user experience by optimizing the app layout on tablets and creating a tabletop layout on foldables for hands-free video calling.

Build better with Android

Showcase your app on the big screen. Make movies and music easier to browse, preview, and play. Engage users in an immersive, lean-back media experience.
Increase user productivity with multitasking and drag and drop on expansive large screens. Show more tools, controls, history, comments, more of everything users need to be productive.