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Adopt Compose for Teams

Give your developers the modern toolkit that speeds and simplifies Android UI development. Read more to learn why adopting Compose can help your team succeed.
Fewer lines of code translates into code that’s easy to read and maintain, less bugs, and more time to focus on building unique app experiences.
Describe your UI using Compose declarative APIs, that are legible and easy to find.
Iterate quickly with live previews, full tooling support, and easier theming, with small components that are easy to test.
Concise Kotlin DSL APIs, and out-of-the-box Material Design give your teams easier access to the best of Android.
See what developers like about using Jetpack Compose
“Compose increased our productivity dramatically. It’s much easier and faster to write a Composeable function than to create a custom view, and it’s also made it much easier to fulfill our designers’ requirements.”
“We’ve prioritized building sound technical foundations and empowering our engineers to do excellent work. Jetpack Compose enabled both of these goals and is a critical part of our technical strategy.
“Compose has been a boon for our team’s developer happiness, and a big step-up for code quality and health.
“By using Compose, we can focus on things that are unique to Square and our UI infrastructure, rather than solving the broader issue of building a declarative UI framework.”
"The speed at which Compose allows us to put together a new feature means we can iterate more rapidly, providing a higher-quality experience for our customers faster than before."
"Compose allows you to build higher quality screens more quickly."
“The first thing that stood out was how quickly I was able to create reusable UI, and the small amount of code that was required.”

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