Request access to Health Connect data types

When your app is ready for release, the next step is to request access to the data types you reviewed earlier.

File a request

To request access to data types, you need to fill out the Developer Declaration Form. This form requires the following details:

  • App name
  • App package name
  • App version number
  • The purpose of your app
  • The applicable use case for your app
  • Developer of the app
  • Point of contact we can communicate with in case of questions, which is the email address associated with your app in Play console
  • List of data types and their permissions required for your app
  • Valid business justification of your requested data types and permissions

Your request only takes effect on published apps. This doesn't restrict or prevent you from developing, integrating, and testing your app since the Health Connect data types are accessible in your local environment.

Request process

After you fill out the Developer Declaration Form, we review your request. We check for the following conditions:

  • If the details are correct.
  • If the app is published in the Play store based on the package name provided.
  • If the app has its privacy policies posted on its Play store page.

In case some of the conditions aren't satisfied during review, we notify you about it so that you can address them.

After we assessed the request is ready for processing, we let you know that your request has been approved. Processing may take some time. When processed, your app gets allow-listed to access the data types. These updates need to be propagated in our systems, which may take at least a business day. Once complete, the accesses take effect on your published app in the Play store.

Reapply for updates

If your app has a new data type requirement, or if your app no longer supports a data type, you need to file a new request using the form. When selecting the data types and their permissions, you need to take note of the following:

  • Include all of the existing data types the app still uses.
  • Include all of the new data types the app requires.
  • Exclude all of the data types the app no longer needs.
  • Make sure you justify every requested access.

If you have requested before and you have a new app version, you don't have to file a new request just to change the app version. The data type accesses are allow-listed for a package name regardless of app version.

Keep in mind of any unintentional typos in your package name when reapplying, as every submission is treated as a request for a new app.

Unable to access Health Connect

If your health app is published in the Play store and released to the public, but you didn't request for data type accesses, your end users receive the following dialog when attempting to link with Health Connect:

A dialog showing users that the app can't access Health Connect.

Further questions

If you have any questions or encounter issues in your access, contact