Health Connect

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Health Connect is an Android API and platform. It unifies data from multiple devices and apps into an ecosystem. For Android developers, it provides a single interface for reading and writing a user’s health and fitness data. For Android users, it offers a place for control over which apps have read and/or write access to different types of data. Health Connect also provides on-device storage.

A large portfolio of devices, including smartphones and wearables, and many health, fitness, and wellness apps run on Android. Android APIs and technologies likewise provide a wide variety of data. Android users, however, want easy and convenient control over their health and fitness data from a single data repository.

Health Connect meets that need by unifying access to health and fitness data and empowering users to have control over their data. It provides users with a single way to access an overview of the health and fitness data they’re storing and sharing, along with access to privacy controls. Health Connect is an API that enables all our devices and apps across our ecosystem to work together.

Health Connect offers a range of data types. The list of available data types is both varied and extensive enough to give users the ability to record and track everything from their cycling speeds to their body temperature. Health Connect includes the following key data categories:

  • Activity: This captures any activity that a user does. It can include health and fitness activities like running or swimming, meditation, and sleep.
  • Body Measurement: This captures common data related to the body. It includes capturing a user’s weight, or a user’s basal metabolic rate, among other data types.
  • Cycle Tracking: This captures menstrual cycles and related data points, such as the binary result of an ovulation test.
  • Nutrition: This captures hydration and nutrition data types. The former represents how much water a user drank in a single drink. The latter includes many optional fields, from calories to sugar and magnesium that record which nutrients the user consumed.
  • Sleep: This captures interval data related to a user’s length and type of sleep.
  • Vitals: This captures essential information about the user’s general health. It includes everything from blood glucose to body temperature and blood oxygen saturation.