Google Play SDK Index provides insights and usage data for popular commercial SDKs on Google Play so you can make informed decisions about whether an SDK is right for your business and your users.

Find over 100 of the most widely used commercial SDKs and insights about each one.

Review an SDK's reliability and safety signals before you add it to your app. See version adoption, which app permissions the SDK requests, and retention rates.
Get links to the SDK's guidance on what data it collects and why, to help you fill out your app's Data safety form.
See which SDK providers declare that their SDKs avoid code that may cause apps to violate Google Play policies.
SDK providers can claim and register their SDKs on Google Play SDK Console to see statistics and crash reporting, and to share information with developers. SDK providers can send you urgent messages through Google Play Console and Android Studio. Now if there's an issue, Google Play can warn you about it before you publish an app release with a problematic version.