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Google Play for Work

Google Play for Work is an extension of Google Play that lets Android for Work users browse and install apps. IT admins in a business using Android for Work choose which public and private apps are made available to users in their business. Businesses can use Google Play for Work to securely bulk deploy free apps to their employees or bulk purchase paid apps depending on their needs.

As a Google Play developer, your free apps are automatically ready to be selected by Android for Work customers and made available to their workforces on Google Play for Work. However, to allow businesses access to bulk purchase your paid apps, you must opt-in and agree to the Google Play for Work Addendum to the Developer Distribution Agreement.

Find out more about distributing to Google Play for Work.

For developers

Get discovered

Get your business related apps listed in a business specific gateway so they stand out from consumer apps.

Get volume

Reach new audiences at scale because businesses will be able to deploy your free apps in bulk. Bulk purchasing also allows businesses to buy your paid app at scale.

Continue to offer in app-purchases

You can continue to offer free apps with in-app purchases. Business employees will be able to make purchases just as they would if they personally installed your app.

New monetization opportunities

Businesses will often look for extended support for business critical apps, and you have the opportunity to offer that support for a fee.

For businesses

Free to businesses

Google Play for Work is available free of charge to Android for Work customers.

Full IT approval for apps

IT can now approve and manage every app deployed to its organization’s workers.

Secure app distribution

Provides a secure gateway for distributing apps within your company, whether they are available publicly or distributed privately to employees at your organization.

Work app configuration

Maintain app settings, such as server addresses and default user settings, from your admin console for enabled apps.

Business-wide licensing

Paid apps are licensed to your organization, enabling you to move paid apps between users as users needs change and staff turns over.

Best practices for success

Keep these best practices in mind as you build a great enterprise-ready app.

Develop a great app for business

Provide support and maintenance

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