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Games on Google Play

Improve your current game or get tips and best practices for your next launch on Google Play. The Google Play Console has tools to help you throughout the entire lifecycle of your game. Learn how to test and gather user feedback before you launch, how to monitor and improve the performance of your game and acquisition channels, and more.

Google for Games Developer Summit

Catch the latest announcements, best practices, and new developer previews from Android, Google Play, and more.

Get ready for launch

The pre-launch phase is a critical period to test your game, gather user feedback, and monitor technical performance. Learn key steps and tools to help you confidently launch a high quality game on Google Play.


Launch checklist

Set up a developer account, learn policy guidelines, and more with the launch checklist.

Play Asset Delivery

Allow players to get into your game faster, and cut the costs of hosting and delivering game resources.

Testing tracks

Use testing tracks to gather feedback and make improvements to early versions of your app.

Device compatibility

Set your app’s compatible devices in the device catalog.

Pre-launch reports

Identify and improve early performance issues with pre-launch reports.

Store listing page

Make a compelling store listing page.

Custom store listings

Create custom store listing pages for specific user groups.

Google Play Instant

Let users try your game before you launch it with Google Play Instant.


Drive and capture pre-launch demand with pre-registration.

Monetization strategies

Determine the right monetization strategy for your game.

Play Games Services

Enable seamless sign-in and multi-device cloud saves with Google Play Games Services.

Drive growth after launch

Once you’ve launched, learn how to monitor your game’s performance, and how to continue to expand your audience to drive more revenue.


Android vitals

Monitor your technical performance with Android vitals.


Peer groups

Measure your game’s performance against custom peer groups.


Store listing page

Drive installs by optimization of your store listing page.


Google Play Instant

Allow users to try your game before you install it with Google Play Instant.


Ratings and reviews

Connect with users with responses to ratings and reviews.


Staged rollouts

Release app updates with confidence when you use staged rollouts.


App campaigns

Find and retain the right people for your game with App campaigns.


Google Play Billing

Drive monetization with buyers in over 190 countries transacting with local forms of payment using Google Play Billing

Additional resources

Online Learning

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Indie Games

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Grow with Google

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