public static class DnsOptions.StaleDnsOptions extends Object

A class configuring Cronet's stale DNS functionality.

DNS resolution is one of the steps on the critical path to making a URL request, but it can be slow for various reasons (underlying network latency, buffer bloat, packet loss, etc.).

Depending on the use case, it might be worthwhile for an app developer to trade off guaranteed DNS record freshness for better availability of DNS records.

Stale results can include both:

  • results returned from the current network's DNS server, but past their time-to-live, and
  • results returned from a previous network's DNS server, whether expired or not.

Nested Class Summary

class DnsOptions.StaleDnsOptions.Builder Builder for DnsOptions.StaleDnsOptions

Public Method Summary

static DnsOptions.StaleDnsOptions.Builder

Inherited Method Summary

Public Methods

public static DnsOptions.StaleDnsOptions.Builder builder ()

public Boolean getAllowCrossNetworkUsage ()

public Long getFreshLookupTimeoutMillis ()

public Long getMaxExpiredDelayMillis ()

public Boolean getUseStaleOnNameNotResolved ()