Interacting with UI and state

Create a tip calculator app that calculates the tip from user input in the app.


Understanding state in Compose

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Welcome to pathway 3! In this pathway, you will learn how to work with state in Jetpack Compose.

Intro to tip calculator

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In this pathway, you will build an app that will help you calculate the tip amount the next time you need to tip.

Intro to state in Compose


Learn about state, and how it can be used and manipulated by Jetpack Compose.

Calculate a custom tip


Learn how to add an action button, set up keyboard actions, and use a Switch composable.

Write automated tests


In this codelab, you’ll learn what automated tests are, why they are important, and how to write them.

Project: Create an Art Space app


Learn how to create an Android app that showcases your own art space.

What's next?

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Congratulations on completing the second unit in the course! In this unit you learned important topics on Kotlin and built interactive apps that respond to a button click and accept input from a text field! Give yourself a pat on the back! You did a great job!


Test your knowledge of UI and state, and earn your Interacting with UI and state badge.