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Unit 1: Build your first Android app in Kotlin

Unit 1 will take you from imagining your first app to building and running it on an Android device.

In this first unit, you will build and run basic Android apps written in the Kotlin language. This unit is for you if you have little or no programming experience or if you have never created an Android app.

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  • You have computer knowledge that includes file structure, and configuring and using applications of moderate complexity, such as a spreadsheet, word processor, or photo editor.
  • You can verify system requirements (such as OS version, disk and memory space requirements, and screen resolution).
  • You are comfortable downloading, installing, and updating software.

What you'll learn

  • How to use a code editor to write a simple program using the Kotlin programming language.
  • How to install and use the Android Studio app development tool.
  • How to create your first Android apps.

What you will build

  • A program in the Kotlin programming language that outputs a birthday message and prints a fancy birthday cake.
  • An Android app that is a Birthday Greeting card.
  • An interactive Dice Roller app.

What you need

  • A modern computer with internet access.
  • Privileges to install software on your computer.
  • [Optional] A mobile Android device and a USB cable to connect it to your computer.
  • Colored pens and paper.

Pathway 1

In the first pathway, we will dive right into learning some basics in Kotlin. This will show you how you can write instructions for the computer to follow. You will create a simple program using the Kotlin programming language.

Pathway 2

In the second pathway, you will set up your computer so that you can build Android apps using the same tool that professional Android developers use to build their apps. Learn how to download and install Android Studio and use it to create your first project and run your first app.

Pathway 3

Learn how to create Birthday Card app with a picture and a message. Arrange the screen using a layout editor.

Pathway 4

Learn how to add a button to an Android app that rolls dice. You'll write Kotlin code for how the app will behave when the user taps the button.