Kotlin fundamentals

Learn more on fundamentals of Kotlin, object oriented programming and lambdas.


Kotlin Fundamentals

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Welcome to Unit 2! We begin this unit by learning more on the fundamentals of the Kotlin programming language.

Write conditionals in Kotlin


Learn how to write conditionals in Kotlin.

Use nullability in Kotlin


Learn how to use nullability in Kotlin.

Use classes and objects in Kotlin


Learn how to use classes and objects in Kotlin.

Use function types and lambda expressions in Kotlin


Learn how to use lambda expressions and higher order functions in Kotlin.

Practice: Kotlin Fundamentals


Apply the basic concepts of the Kotlin programming language to solve the given problems.

What's next?

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This pathway introduced four more important programming topics: conditionals, object-oriented programming, nullability, and function types. You learned how to use these concepts in Kotlin. In the upcoming pathways you will use this knowledge to create more functional and interactive apps with buttons, forms and other user controls!


Test what you’ve learned and earn your Kotlin fundamentals badge.