Updates to non-SDK interface restrictions in Android 13

Android 13 includes updated lists of restricted non-SDK interfaces based on collaboration with Android developers and the latest internal testing. Whenever possible, we make sure that public alternatives are available before we restrict non-SDK interfaces.

If your app does not target Android 13, some of these changes might not immediately affect you. However, while you can currently use some non-SDK interfaces (depending on your app's target API level), using any non-SDK method or field always carries a high risk of breaking your app.

If you are unsure if your app uses non-SDK interfaces, you can test your app to find out. If your app relies on non-SDK interfaces, you should begin planning a migration to SDK alternatives. Nevertheless, we understand that some apps have valid use cases for using non-SDK interfaces. If you cannot find an alternative to using a non-SDK interface for a feature in your app, you should request a new public API.

List changes for Android 13

The list changes in Android 13 fall into the following category:

For a complete list of all non-SDK interfaces for Android 13, download the following file:

File: hiddenapi-flags.csv

SHA-256 checksum: 233a277aa8ac475b6df61bffd95665d86aac6eb2ad187b90bf42a98f5f2a11a3

Non-SDK interfaces that are now blocked in Android 13

The following code box lists all of the non-SDK interfaces that were unsupported in Android 12 (API level 31) that are blocked in Android 13 (API level 33). That is, these interfaces belong to the max-target-s list, so your app can only use these interfaces if it targets Android 12 (API level 31) or lower.

Our goal is to make sure that public alternatives are available before we restrict non-SDK interfaces, and we understand that your app might have a valid use case for using these interfaces. If an interface that your app uses in a prior version is now blocked in Android 13, you should request a new public API for that interface.

Landroid/app/Activity;->setDisablePreviewScreenshots(Z)V # Use setRecentsScreenshotEnabled() instead.
Landroid/os/PowerManager;->isLightDeviceIdleMode()Z # Use isDeviceLightIdleMode() instead.
Landroid/os/Process;->setArgV0(Ljava/lang/String;)V # In general, do not try to change the process name. If you must change the process name (for instance, for debugging), you can use pthread_setname_np() instead, though be aware that doing this might confuse the system.
Landroid/view/accessibility/AccessibilityInteractionClient;->clearCache(I)V # Use android.accessibilityservice.AccessibilityService#clearCache() instead.