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Additional Resources for Testing

This page contains resources for learning more about writing Android tests.


  • Android testing samples
  • Sunflower demo, which makes use of the Android testing libraries.
  • IntentsBasicSample: Basic usage of intended() and intending().
  • IdlingResourceSample: Synchronization with background jobs.
  • Basic Espresso sample
  • CustomMatcherSample: Shows how to extend Espresso to match the hint property of an EditText object.
  • DataAdapterSample: Showcases the onData() entry point for Espresso, for lists and AdapterView objects.
  • IntentsAdvancedSample: Simulates a user fetching a bitmap using the camera.
  • MultiWindowSample: Shows how to point Espresso to different windows.
  • RecyclerViewSample: RecyclerView actions for Espresso.
  • WebBasicSample: Use Espresso-Web to interact with WebView objects.
  • BasicSampleBundled: Basic sample for Eclipse and other IDEs.
  • Basic ActivityTestRule sample: Simple usage of ActivityTestRule.
  • AndroidJunitRunnerSample: Showcases test annotations, parameterized tests, and test suite creation.
  • Basic UIAutomator sample


  • Android Testing Codelab