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Android Instant Apps

Native Android apps, without the installation

An evolution in app sharing and discovery, Android Instant Apps enables Android apps to run instantly, without requiring installation. Instant Apps lets you experience what you love about apps—fast and beautiful user interfaces, high performance, and great capabilities—with just a tap.

Get your app ready today

Run Android Apps Without Installation

Android Instant Apps lets you experience beautiful and immersive apps, with material design and smooth animations, without installing them on your device.

Access Apps From Anywhere

Get people to your flagship Android experience from links that would otherwise open your mobile web page — like search, social media, messaging, and other deep links — without them needing to install your app first.





Built On Google Play Services

Take advantage of Google Play services features — like location, identity, payments, and Firebase — which are built right in for a seamless user experience.

Works On Most Android Devices

Android Instant Apps will run on a majority of Android devices that use Google Play services.

Upgrade Your Existing App

Android Instant Apps functionality is an upgrade to your existing Android app, not a new, separate app. It's the same Android APIs, the same project, the same source code. The effort involved varies depending on how your app is currently structured. You modularize your app, and Google Play downloads only the parts that are needed, on the fly.

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