Development tools, APIs, language, and distribution technologies recommended by the Android team to help developers be productive and create better apps that run across billions of devices.
Brings together learnings from a decade of leading-edge Android app development.
Reduce complexity with libraries that work consistently across more devices, while breezing through app basics with tools and libraries that reduce boilerplate.
Engineered to work for every developer and team, no matter how big or small. Built to work together, while letting you use what you need when you need it.

Development essentials

An expanding collection of modern technologies that take you from coding to distribution.
A modern language that eliminates boilerplate, increases quality, and makes programming more enjoyable.
The official IDE for Android development with advanced tooling support.
The modern way to package and release apps, optimizing downloads for people’s devices.
A modern toolkit for building native UI that enables you to simplify and accelerate UI development on Android.

Arranged as a series of three-week topics. From Navigation to Kotlin to Android Studio, each topic will conclude with a Q&A where we’ll answer your questions.
Your official source for the latest Android developer news and tips.