Kotlin has helped development teams increase productivity, improve app quality, and increase developer satisfaction. Read more to see why over 95% of the top 1000 Android apps use Kotlin.


Android Tech Lead
“During an internal survey, 50% of developers mentioned that they’d provide smaller estimates [to complete a feature] if the module was written in Kotlin”
74% of the app is written in Kotlin. Since moving all new feature development to Kotlin, they’ve had a 50% reduction in crashes.
Software Engineer
“Kotlin and languages like it help us offload things that we’re not that good at … Creative and critical thinking tasks are now where we get to focus more.”
Senior Software Engineer
“Having less code is good for reducing errors and lowering maintenance costs. Therefore, we care a lot that Kotlin promises to allow us to write more succinct code and reduce boilerplate.”
Software Engineer
“Using Kotlin at Expedia has helped us write more succinct and easier-to-read code. It’s also helped make our developers a lot happier.”
Senior Software Engineer
“Overall we’re very happy that we migrated to Kotlin when we did, and we're excited to see its usage continue to grow both within our company and throughout the software industry!”

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Over 95% of the top 1000 Android apps contain Kotlin code.