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Jetpack Compose is Android’s recommended modern toolkit for building native UI. It simplifies and accelerates UI development on Android. Quickly bring your app to life with less code, powerful tools, and intuitive Kotlin APIs.
Do more with less code and avoid entire classes of bugs, so code is simple and easy to maintain.
Just describe your UI, and Compose takes care of the rest. As app state changes, your UI automatically updates.
Compatible with all your existing code so you can adopt when and where you want. Iterate fast with live previews and full Android Studio support.
Create beautiful apps with direct access to the Android platform APIs and built-in support for Material Design, Dark theme, animations, and more.

Compose supports Material 3, enabling Material You with theming and component support.
Fully functional published Android app built using Compose, Material 3 and adaptive UI.
Start with the Android Basics with Compose course.
Learn how to use Jetpack Compose to build native Android UI. This course covers the essentials of building with Compose: including layouts, theming, animations, architecture, state, accessibility and testing.
Explore Compose and the power of declarative programming in just a few minutes.
Check out the video content on the Android Developers YouTube channel and learn the latest best practices for working with Compose.
Get inspired with examples that demonstrate how to use powerful Compose features.
Set up your development environment and get composing.

Building across devices using Compose

Jetpack Compose allows you to build beautiful apps across devices, on phones, tablets, foldables, Chrome OS and Wear OS.
The UI for your app should be responsive to account for different screen sizes, orientations and form factors - an adaptive layout changes based on the screen space available to it.
Compose for Wear OS makes building apps for the wrist easier, faster, and more intuitive. This guide walks you through the similarities and differences between Compose and Compose for Wear OS.
Learn how to combine Compose and View-based UIs.
Learn about Android Studio’s Compose features.
Learn how to work with layouts in Compose.
Learn how to style your application and support light and dark themes.
Learn patterns for state management when using Compose.
Explore even more resources to help you jumpstart learning Compose.

What’s next for Jetpack Compose

We worked with several different partners to start integrating Compose into their apps. Learn how Compose has helped their teams become more productive and write high quality UI.

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