App Actions support

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Resources for development questions, reporting issues, and staying connected to the community can be found below.

Developer Communities

If you've got a question or hit a snag, our developer communities are the best places to get answers from other App Actions developers:

  • Stack Overflow For help with general development questions - find answers from the smart home developer community under the app-actions tag.
  • Reddit Join the discussion and collaborate on the official Reddit community.

Google support for Assistant developers

Use Assistant Developer Support for the following requests:

  • App review queries: status updates, policy clarifications, and appeals.
  • Action triggering: requests to improve speech-biasing for certain App names, and other invocation related issues.
  • Bootstrapping opt-out: Request to remove your App from App Actions bootstrapping.

Report a bug or send developer feedback

You can report issues or send us feedback through our public issue tracker.