Become an Android Developer. Learn how to build Android apps in Kotlin by following an online curriculum together with a study group. This program is for people who are new to Android.

If you are new to programming, the Android Basics in Kotlin course will show you how to build simple Android apps using the Kotlin programming language and Android Studio. No prior programming experience is necessary. You will be introduced to basic programming concepts as you learn about Android.

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If you have prior programming experience but are new to Android and the Kotlin programming language, take this track. First, you will learn the syntax and features of Kotlin by solving these Kotlin Koans exercises. Note: this brings you to an external site that is developed by JetBrains.

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Once you know the basics of Kotlin, dive into the Android Kotlin Fundamentals course to build a variety of Android apps in Kotlin. You’ll learn about UI layouts, app architecture, data storage, connecting to the network, and more best practices for Android development.

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