Navigation in Jetpack Compose

Learn how to use the Navigation component to build more complex apps with more screens and how to navigate and pass data between different composables.


Introduction to Navigation and Cupcake App

Video Optional

Welcome to pathway 2! In this pathway you will learn about the Jetpack Navigation component! You will take the existing Cupcake app and add the Navigation component to it.

Navigate between screens with Compose


Add the Navigation component to the Cupcake app to organize the flow of the app, navigate and pass data between different screens.

Test the Cupcake app


Learn how to test the Navigation component and maximize code test coverage.

Practice: Add navigation


Practice what you learned by adding navigation to an app with multiple screens.

What's next?

Video Optional

Great job with completing the second pathway in Unit 4! In this pathway, you learned about the Jetpack Navigation component which is a key library to build apps with more screens and to navigate between them.


Test your knowledge and earn your Navigation in Jetpack Compose badge.