Enable your Android apps to generate text and images, understand content, enrich information, and build engagement with users. Use Google's full suite of AI and ML tools to make your apps more useful and intuitive.

Generative AI solutions for Android developers

Build powerful generative AI experiences using Google's state-of-the-art Gemini models and integrated developer tools. With access to a range of modalities, capabilities, and architectures, you can create exactly the solution that you need - whether running on-device, integrating with cloud-based models, or a full enterprise AI solution.
Use Gemini Nano to deliver rich generative AI experiences on-device when privacy, offline functionality, low latency, and cost are your primary concerns.
Create rich, multimodal generative AI experiences using Google's cutting-edge cloud-based models, including Gemini Pro, directly in your app.
Enterprise developers can build custom-developed AI experiences using Vertex AI, Google's fully-managed, unified AI development platform for AI.

AI case studies

Learn how the Pixel Recorder app is using Gemini Nano to summarize your voice notes on-device.
Discover how Google Workspace is using Gemini to help users create, write, visualize, and organize documents to boost productivity in new ways.
Learn how Messages for Android is using Gemini Nano in its Magic Compose feature to help you write messages with the perfect tone.
Learn how Google Photos uses generative AI for the Magic Editor feature, available on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices.

Latest news and videos

AI-enhanced productivity tools can significantly accelerate Android development by automating repetitive tasks, suggesting code snippets, and offering intelligent debugging assistance, letting you focus on higher-level problem-solving and innovation.
Gemini in Android Studio is your coding companion for Android development. It can generate code, find relevant resources, learn best practices, troubleshoot errors, and save time.
This template and code samples streamline setup of a new AI-powered project in Android Studio, making it easier to leverage Gemini's multimodal capabilities for tasks like conversational chat, translation, and image captioning.
The fastest way to start using Gemini is with Google AI Studio, a web-based tool that lets you prototype, run prompts right in your browser, and get started with the Gemini API.

ML solutions

Leverage Android device processing power for your ML detection and classification tasks to process images, sound and text.
ML Kit provides production-ready solutions to common problems and requires no ML expertise. Models are built-in and optimized for mobile. ML Kit is easy to use and lets you focus on feature development rather than model training and optimization.
If you want more control or to deploy your own ML models, Android provides a custom ML stack built on top of TensorFlow Lite and Google Play services, covering essentials needed to deploy high performance ML features.

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Build an app that integrates the Gemini API to showcase the power of generative AI. Grab the opportunity now to win some incredible prizes!
Android developers venturing into AI projects can tap into a wealth of community resources, including forums, online courses, code repositories, and dedicated events, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and accelerated learning. Find a Google Developer Group near you, and search for events on the community site filtered by "Android", "Build with AI", "Gemini", and more.