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Implementing Accessibility

Dependencies and prerequisites

  • Android 2.0 (API Level 5) or higher

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When it comes to reaching as wide a userbase as possible, it's important to pay attention to accessibility in your Android application. Cues in your user interface that may work for a majority of users, such as a visible change in state when a button is pressed, can be less optimal if the user is visually impaired.

This class shows you how to make the most of the accessibility features built into the Android framework. It covers how to optimize your app for accessibility, leveraging platform features like focus navigation and content descriptions. It also covers how to build accessibility services, that can facilitate user interaction with any Android application, not just your own.


Developing Accessible Applications
Learn to make your Android application accessible. Allow for easy navigation with a keyboard or directional pad, set labels and fire events that can be interpreted by an accessibility service to facilitate a smooth user experience.
Developing Accessibility Services
Develop an accessibility service that listens for accessibility events, mines those events for information like event type and content descriptions, and uses that information to communicate with the user. The example will use a text-to-speech engine to speak to the user.
Testing Your App's Accessibility
Test your app for accessibility by performing manual and automated testing, using analysis tools, and getting feedback from users.
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