Android Studio Koala Closed Issues

Android Studio Koala | 2023.3.2 Canary 2

Released together with:
  • Android Gradle Plugin 8.5.0-alpha02
Fixed Issues
Android Gradle Plugin
SourceDirectories#static shouldn't depend on GenerateBuildConfig task
Dexer (D8)
Backport `close()` method on classes which implement `AutoCloseable` from a specific API level
Android Studio Iguana | 2023.2.1 Canary 9 not generating a correct project for compose
Lint 8.3.0 returning false for `isKotlin` on an element in a Kotlin source file
new lint check: warn if `.dp` is called on a value annotated with `@Px`
Lint Integration
Lint crashes in project with custom artifact types
Lint issue Suppress detected only after Gradle build cache cleanup
"Clear log before launch" Run option doesn't work if logcat window is not open before launching the app
Upgrade Assistant
Studio should update repository list to add google() before upgrade to a version of AGP that only shipped on gmaven.