Witch Puzzle achieves 98% of international installs on Android


Located in São Paulo, Brazil, Upbeat Games is an indie game developer with a mission to build fun and easy games that anyone can play. As a small team, the Upbeat crew reacted quickly to their game’s growing installs in Asian countries, and is now seeing strong international growth with their game Witch Puzzle.

What they did

After noticing that Witch Puzzle was gaining traction throughout Asia, Upbeat localized their game into 12 languages, prioritizing countries with an existing user base and high gross national income (GNI). This led to a direct increase in installs.

Japanese version of Witch Puzzle


“In the last three months, 98% of our international installs for Witch Puzzle came from Android,” said Vinicius Sormani Heimbeck, Upbeat’s founder. Upbeat applied these learnings across their portfolio of games. Now, 75% of their portfolio’s revenue is driven by Android.

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