Ease-of-use and fast turnaround time benefits Indian Rummy


Games4All (G4A) develops a variety of games that they distribute broadly to users around the world.

After noticing that certain apps — including Indian Rummy, a card game in which players try to form sets and sequences of cards — had become especially popular in specific countries, they decided to localize those apps.

What they did

Initially they used a local agency to do the translations and got great results — the release of localized versions increased the number of users tremendously.

Building on that success, G4A expanded their localization goals, but found that translation quality varied among their vendors and costs limited the language/game combinations they could translate. That's when G4A decided to try the App Translation Service.


Dutch version of Indian Rummy

G4A found that the cost per translation was much lower with the App Translation Service compared to local companies. The process was much easier too, G4A simply had to provide texts in the strings.xml format.

Initially, G4A translated Indian Rummy into five languages through the App Translation Service. As a result they’ve doubled the number of users in French and German languages and seen a 300 percent increase in user engagement with the localized versions.

They also found that making slight changes to games rules based on local nuances was key to the game's success.

“In contrast [to the App Translation Service], our previous experiences with translation agencies were much more difficult: files often required extensive conversion operations to make them usable, and turnaround times varied wildly,” says G4A founder Pieter Olivier. He continues, "With the App Translation Service, the turnaround time is usually measured in days instead of weeks that we were used to with traditional translation agencies."

Get started

Find out more about the App Translation Service and read the full Localization checklist to simplify the process of localizing your app or game for users across the globe.