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These are the API classes. See all API packages.

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Animatable A helper interface allowing MotionLayout to directly drive custom views  


Barrier Added in 1.1

A Barrier references multiple widgets as input, and creates a virtual guideline based on the most extreme widget on the specified side. 


ConstraintLayout A ConstraintLayout is a ViewGroup which allows you to position and size widgets in a flexible way. 
ConstraintLayout.LayoutParams This class contains the different attributes specifying how a view want to be laid out inside a ConstraintLayout
ConstraintProperties Added in 2.0

ConstraintProperties provides an easy to use api to update the layout params of ConstraintLayout children

ConstraintsChangedListener Added in 2.0

Callbacks on state change

ConstraintSet This class allows you to define programmatically a set of constraints to be used with ConstraintLayout


Group Added in 1.1

This class controls the visibility of a set of referenced widgets. 

Guideline Utility class representing a Guideline helper object for ConstraintLayout


ImageFilterView Added in 2.0

Subclass of ImageView to handle various common filtering operations



Layer Added in 2.0  


MockView Added in 2.0

Basic view that can draw a label (by default the view id), along with diagonals. 

MotionLayout Added in 2.0

This Layout supports transitions between constraint sets defined in MotionScenes

A MotionLayout is a ConstraintLayout which allows you to animate layouts between various states. 

MotionLayout.TransitionListener Added in 2.0

Listener for monitoring events about TransitionLayout. 


Placeholder Added in 1.1

A Placeholder provides a virtual object which can position an existing object.